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DANIEL EFRAM has photographed intriguing characters and situations all over the world including Mexico, Spain, Portugal, France, Cuba and the US, but he continues to find his greatest subjects on the streets of his hometown of New York City. “Its sidewalks are my catwalks,” he says, confirming that the cities themselves are as much a subject as the people he photographs.

Street photographers like Weegee, Diane Arbus, Sylia Plachy and Garry Winogrand, are considered not just masters of the candid portrait, but as hunters and collectors of the odd, the unusual, the darkly fascinating. Efram’s work manages to move beyond the expected ‘trap and capture’ of his contemporaries, inviting his subjects to inhabit their space with an often unexpected edge. But Efram is motivated by empathy as much as energy. “Photography is about letting people emerge or evolve into places and moments they’ve earned, that they’re entitled to and that I’m lucky enough to witness and memorialize,” he surmises.

Efram’s style comes from a life of serious art immersion. Born to an activist social worker mother and a professional classical violist father in Poughkeepsie NY, Efram’s images draw from his love of film noir with a concentration in verité. “The dirty, grainy look of film, use of vintage lenses... all captured imperfections make me happy,” he admits. “Contemporary photography often feels too clean and precise for me. I’m interested in the rough edges, look and texture of bygone eras... that and trying to get close enough to steal any energy I can get away with.”

Over the course of a decade, with both of his parents having passed away and his 25-year Grammy winning music business career in the dumpster, he literally had nothing left to focus on except what had been his lone interest and reprieve during this intense caregiving period… photography.

His first book of photographs, “Curiosities," is his attempt to locate a never-before-missing passion for life and ultimately heal. An abstract 24-hour black and white noir of characters and situations was cobbled together over the course of 4-years of immersive study, reflection and investigation was self-published in April 2019. After reaching its Kickstarter funding goal in five days, it eventually raised twice the amount necessary for publication and went on to become Leica / LFI's Book of the Month for April 2019. “Curiosities” was launched with a multimedia show, encompassing 4 projected films simultaneously shown alongside improvised experimental music and spoken-word performances at the East Village's Howl! Arts gallery.

CV: Photographer & Multimedia Artist
June 2021 Group Exhibition "Activist NY" Museum of the City of New York

January 2020 Group Exhibition “Altered States” Pleiades Gallery, New York, NY 
October 2019 Selected Artist, Center’s Portfolio Review, Santa Fe’, NM
April 2019 Multimedia Immersive Performance /Event "An Evening with Daniel Efram's Curiosities" Book Launch, Howl Arts gallery, NY, NY
April 2019 Shortlist, Belfast Photo Festival, Belfast, Ireland
April 2019 Leica/LFI's Book of the Month "Curiosities"
October 2016 Solo Exhibition, "Public Hanging, No. 5,” Dub Art, Brooklyn, NY
September 2016 Solo Exhibition, “Public Hanging, No. 4,” The Grange, Warwick, NY August 2016, Solo “Public Hanging,
No. 3,” The Grange, Warwick, NY
July 2016 Multimedia Immersive Performance “Nouveau Noir,” Howl Art Gallery - NY, NY
December 2015 Solo Exhibition, “Public Hanging, No. 2,” Dub Art, Brooklyn, NY
October 2015 Solo Exhibition, “Public Hanging, No. 1,” The Grange, Warwick, NY


January 2016 With Shepard & Amanda Fairey
Solo Exhibition, Steve Keene (artist) “Modular Synthesis“, Subliminal Projects, LA, CA
June-Sept 2014 Solo Exhibition, “Steve Keene’s Brooklyn Experience,” Artist In Residence, Featured Show, Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, NY

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