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Daniel Efram is a NYC-based photographer, journalist, producer, curator, and art publisher, known for a project-based career.

Efram's photographic interests include photojournalism, documentary, and portraiture. His work has been published in The New York Times, Sydney Morning Herald, USA Today, Pitchfork, Stereogum and others.

Having a strong background in film and TV production, Efram served as Executive Producer and Producer for "The Elephant 6 Recording Co." (2023) and "Call It Democracy" (2006).

Efram's publishing endeavors include "Curiosities" (2019) and the recent highlight, "The Steve Keene Art Book" (2023), which showcases his prowess in documentary, the visual arts, photojournalism, verité, portraiture, and the abstract.

Previously, with nearly three decades in the music industry, Efram, a Grammy-project winning manager, has lent his touch to approximately 100 albums, engaging in creative development, marketing, and collaboration. He's worked as a music supervisor and in various creative roles advocating for artists and artistic project development.

Efram's producer roles extend to national and international events, tours, and a diverse range of creative content. His dedication and persistence in nurturing artists and ideas from concept to realization is a trademark of his work.

Projects and CV

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