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Daniel Efram, a NYC-based photographer, producer, and art publisher, offers creative project consultation in various artistic domains such as films, music, books, and exhibitions, providing marketing and development strategies.

Efram has released two books, "Curiosities (2019)" and "The Steve Keene Art Book (2023)," showcasing his work in photojournalism, verité, portraiture, and the abstract.

His photography has been featured in prestigious publications including The New York Times, Sydney Morning Herald, Pitchfork, Bookforum, Variety, Flood, NYS Focus, Foxy, Forbes, Billboard, and Leica Fotographie International. He regularly contributes to the local neighborhood blog, EV Grieve.

With a focus on capturing candid, genuine moments, Efram's photography spans Greece, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, France, Cuba, Turkey, and the U.S. He specializes in photojournalism, documentary, and portraiture, demonstrating an empathetic eye for subjects that convey authenticity.

Beyond photography, Efram has achieved significant success in the music and film industries. With nearly 30 years as a Grammy-winning manager, he has worked with long-term music clients like The Apples in Stereo and offers management-by-the-hour services to others. Efram's involvement extends to various capacities in music albums, books, and films, including marketing, promotion, funding, creative development, and collaboration.

Notably, Efram takes pride in producing the documentary "Call It Democracy" (2006) by Matt Kohn, exploring the social and legal implications of election integrity prior to the 2020 insurrection. He has also produced music concerts for television and served as a music supervisor for independent films, showcasing his diverse and project-based career.

As a producer, Efram has played a role in countless national and international live events, tours, and the creation and distribution of diverse creative content, including music albums, books, and films. He holds a deep passion for assisting artists and creators in bringing their visions to life, supporting them from inception to successful completion.

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