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Daniel Efram is a photographer and established media producer based in NYC.


His work has been seen on the pages of The New York Times, Sydney Morning Herald, Pitchfork, Bookforum, Variety, Flood, NYS Focus, Foxy, Forbes, Billboard, Leica Fotographie International and other publications online and in print. He is a regular contributor to EV Grieve. Artist CV.

Efram has photographed observations from all over the world including Mexico, Spain, Portugal, France, Cuba and the U.S. His favorite subjects are candid and honest.

His second published image collection "The Steve Keene Art Book" has been a 7-year journey to produce the first-ever compilation and discussion of America's most prolific hand-painted artist of all time. It was released in October 2022 in North America.

Efram also enjoys photojournalism, documentary and portraiture work. Telling people's stories with an empathetic lens is strategy.

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Prior to photography, Efram has worked for nearly 30 years in the music business, as a Grammy winning manager and still represents the indie rock group The Apples in stereo. He occasionally offers his services by the hour. Contact him for more info.

As a Producer, Efram has worked on the creative, planning and logistics of hundreds of national and international live events and tours; helped dozens of music albums, books, films and other types of creative content come to fruition from the creative beginnings to the  funding, marketing and distribution of successfully finished projects. 

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