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The State of Yo (in development)

The State of Yo tells the story of the unsung hero of the yo-yo world, Tom Kuhn. Kuhn is widely considered to be the Father of the Modern Yo-yo. Nicknamed “Doctor Yo” by The Smothers Brothers, as Kuhn was a full time dentist for 50 years including during his rise to prominence in the world of yo-yo’s in the 1970’s-2000’s, sees him as an unheralded Johnny Appleseed of the toy and has helped showcase its positive impacts to lives all around the world. 

Kuhn’s technical innovations of the yo-yo are complemented by his desire to share the philosophical and meditational inspirations that had such a magical impact on his life.  Not simply a toy, the yo-yo has been proven to be a cheap, portable and easy tool for positively affecting people’s psychological mindset.

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