Steve Keene Art Book


Possible Launch: June 2021

Status: Commercial Release Early '22 


Steve Keene is the most prolific American painter of all time. Producing more than 300,000 hand painted works by his own hands and via his own studio, chain link fence cage where he paints at times more than 50 paintings at a time.


This book has been made possible through a crowdfunding campaign that included hundreds of supporters, from Keene’s hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia’s to fans all over the world who contributed pieces from their own personal collections to be included in this book.

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Curiosities is the 2019 art book, I self-published of my black and white noir photography work. Following a fictional and abstract 24 hours, I attempt to find healing energy after the loss of both of my parents through inspiration from the subjects and situations encountered.

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1997 - Present

Tractor Beam is the primarily vehicle name for various consulting and one-off projects that I have helped to develop. Under  Tractor Beam, I self-published my art book, digitally and occasionally physically distribute music and film projects and have represented musicians in developing their music and careers for almost 30 years.