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Now Available
Hardcover, 265 pages
Hundreds of color photographs
11.8 in. x 11.8 in.
29.972 cm. x 29.972 cm.

First edition, Tractor Beam/ Hat & Beard Press, 2023

Steve Keene is the most prolific American painter of all time, producing more than 300,000 hand-painted works via his studio/chainlink fence cage where he paints more than 50 paintings at a time.

Known for his voluminous affordable art, as well as being the indie rock art collaborator to Pavement, The Apples in stereo, Will Oldham, and David Berman/Silver Jews, Keene has long been under appreciated. The Steve Keene Art Book*—originally conceived during his sold out show at Shepard Fairey's LA Gallery Subliminal Projects in 2016—is the first art book dedicated exclusively to his work. 

"A folk hero Warhol." —Shepard Fairey

“Steve Keene is a legend.” —LA Weekly 

“By some measures, Mr. Keene is one of the most successful artists in the world.” —NY Times

"Assembly-line Picasso; a painter churns out product, and the art world reels.” —Time 

“A massively dazzling celebration of fandom as an art form—playful, affectionate, slightly unhinged.” —Rolling Stone

“Whether they realize it or not, most rock fans of the past 20-odd years, especially indie rock fans, already know the work of artist Steve Keene.” —Variety

This book has been made possible through a crowdfunding campaign that included hundreds of supporters, from Keene’s hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia to fans all over the world who contributed pieces from their own personal collections to be included in this book.

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Now Available
Hardcover, 62 pages
60 black + white photographs
19.5 x 28.5 cm
Limited edition, first print run
Tractor Beam Press, 2019

“Daniel Efram is a story-teller – each of his pictures transports the viewer into a unique world." - Leica Photografie International

Amidst a decade of caregiving and the loss of his parents, Efram found solace and focus in photography. His first book, "Curiosities," edited by Nicole Blackman, is an abstract, fictional, 24-hour, black and white noir compilation. It was self-published in April 2019, following four years of immersive study, reflection, and investigation. 

The limited-edition book accompanied a multimedia exhibit at Howl Happening Gallery in New York. 

“Exquisite!” —Laurie Anderson


“Passionate and deeply felt. It speaks in a way that for the most part, folks don’t think in at this point. It takes chances and breaks laws.“ —Larry Fink


“The concept and images are very compelling, vacillating between ghostly and candid.” —Shepard Fairey

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